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Why I Love Small Business

If you’re half-hearted about something, just don’t do it. As cliché as it might sound, you really do need to love what you do. Okay, maybe not everyone needs to love their work, but I do. Working at a startup like Pure Chat is too hard, too ambiguous and too unpredictable to not love what I do. If you’re part of an entrepreneurial endeavor that you don’t care about, just stop. It won’t work. If you don’t care you’ll take shortcuts. You’d be motivated by just revenue, not people. Your product or service will start to suffer as a...

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Arizona Makes Workhorses—Not Unicorns—and That’s a Good Thing

The Bay Area is overrun with horses—unicorns to be exact. And while I wish I was referring to the horned, majestic creatures of lore, I’m actually talking about privately-held startups that have $1 billion or higher valuations. Venture investor Aileen Lee coined the term about two years ago, and at the time, it made sense. High valuations at young, private companies were a rarity—an almost mythical instance—hence “unicorn.” Today, though, the term is laughable, because Silicon Valley has more than 100 unicorns, and on average, 1.3 unicorns have galloped onto the scene every week in 2015. People joke that...

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The Definitive Guide to Online Optimization for Local Business

From restaurants and boutiques to dentist offices and print shops, local businesses exist in every town across America. After all, where there are people, there’s a demand for goods and services. And even in today’s Internet age, people need brick-and-mortar establishments to meet their demands. But just because people need physical businesses doesn’t mean they’re not using the Internet to find them. What’s that mean for you as a local business? You need to give your online presence some TLC (i.e., website optimization) to ensure people can do more than find you online; they can discover you. People still...

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Local Love: Some of Our Favorite Small Businesses

Local businesses are a key to the culture and meaning of any community. This month we celebrated and empowered local businesses. To wrap up the month, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite local businesses. We asked a few of our Pure Chat team members about their local favorites. Here’s what they shared. Anzio’s Italian Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ “They are a true Mom & Pop business. Their food is fantastic, the atmosphere is great, and they have been in the same location for almost 30 years.” – Mike E., Developer Tempe Track and Feed in Tempe,...

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3 Traditional Marketing Tactics Local Businesses Should Still Use

In today’s world everyone is all about digital. But whatever happened to the tried-and-true marketing tactics of yesteryear? Do they still work? In many cases, yes, but they need a 21st century twist. Give traditional #marketing another chance and add a 21st century twist to tried-and-true tactics. Click To Tweet 1. Direct Mail Junk mail used to be a huge problem for most of us, but today I’m more irritated by the stuff in my inbox than the stuff in my mail box. That’s why direct mail can be a counterintuitive way to break through the noise and get...

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